Universal dynamics of magnetic monopoles in two-dimensional kagomé ice

22 Mar 2021  ·  Hiroshi Takatsu, Kazuki Goto, Hiromi Otsuka, Taku J. Sato, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Kazuyuki Matsubayashi, Yoshiya Uwatoko, Ryuji Higashinaka, Kazuyuki Matsuhira, Zenji Hiroi, Hiroaki Kadowaki ·

A magnetic monopole in spin ice is a novel quasiparticle excitation in condensed matter physics, and we found that the ac frequency dependent magnetic susceptibility $\chi(\omega)$ in the two-dimensional (2D) spin ice (so-called kagom\'{e} ice) of Dy$_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$ shows a single scaling form. This behavior can be understood in terms of the dynamical scaling law for 2D Coulomb gas (CG) systems [Phys. Rev. B 90, 144428 (2014)], characterized by the charge correlation length $\xi (\propto1/\sqrt{\omega_1})$, where $\omega_{1}$ is a characteristic frequency proportional to the peak position of the imaginary part of $\chi(\omega)$. It is a generic behavior among a wide variety of models such as the vortex dynamics of 2D superconductors, 2D superfluids, classical XY magnets, and dynamics of melting of Wigner crystals.

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