ViSNet: an equivariant geometry-enhanced graph neural network with vector-scalar interactive message passing for molecules

29 Oct 2022  ·  Yusong Wang, Shaoning Li, Xinheng He, Mingyu Li, Zun Wang, Nanning Zheng, Bin Shao, Tie-Yan Liu, Tong Wang ·

Geometric deep learning has been revolutionizing the molecular modeling field. Despite the state-of-the-art neural network models are approaching ab initio accuracy for molecular property prediction, their applications, such as drug discovery and molecular dynamics (MD) simulation, have been hindered by insufficient utilization of geometric information and high computational costs. Here we propose an equivariant geometry-enhanced graph neural network called ViSNet, which elegantly extracts geometric features and efficiently models molecular structures with low computational costs. Our proposed ViSNet outperforms state-of-the-art approaches on multiple MD benchmarks, including MD17, revised MD17 and MD22, and achieves excellent chemical property prediction on QM9 and Molecule3D datasets. Additionally, ViSNet achieved the top winners of PCQM4Mv2 track in the OGB-LCS@NeurIPS2022 competition. Furthermore, through a series of simulations and case studies, ViSNet can efficiently explore the conformational space and provide reasonable interpretability to map geometric representations to molecular structures.

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Chemical Physics Biomolecules Quantum Physics