Watt-level widely tunable single-mode emission by injection-locking of a multimode Fabry-Perot quantum cascade laser

19 Feb 2018  ·  Chevalier Paul, Piccardo Marco, Anand Sajant, Mejia Enrique A., Wang Yongrui, Mansuripur Tobias S., Xie Feng, Lascola Kevin, Belyanin Alexey, Capasso Federico ·

Free-running Fabry-Perot lasers normally operate in a single-mode regime until the pumping current is increased beyond the single-mode instability threshold, above which they evolve into a multimode state. As a result of this instability, the single-mode operation of these lasers is typically constrained to few percents of their output power range, this being an undesired limitation in spectroscopy applications... In order to expand the span of single-mode operation, we use an optical injection seed generated by an external-cavity single-mode laser source to force the Fabry-Perot quantum cascade laser into a single-mode state in the high current range, where it would otherwise operate in a multimode regime. Utilizing this approach we achieve single-mode emission at room temperature with a tuning range of $36 \, \mathrm{cm}^-1$ and stable continuous-wave output power exceeding 1 W. Far-field measurements show that a single transverse mode is emitted up to the highest optical power indicating that the beam properties of the seeded Fabry-Perot laser remain unchanged as compared to free-running operation. read more

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