What can we know about hypernuclei via analysis of bremsstrahlung photons?

29 Oct 2018  ·  Liu Xin 1 and 2, Maydanyuk Sergei P. 2 and 3, Zhang Peng-Ming, Liu Ling ·

We investigate possibility of emission of the bremsstrahlung photons in nuclear reactions with hypernuclei for the first time. A new model of the bremsstrahlung emission which accompanies interactions between $\alpha$ particles and hypernuclei is constructed, where a new formalism for the magnetic momenta of nucleons and hyperon inside hypernucleus is added... For first calculations, we choose $\alpha$ decay of the normal nucleus $^{210}{\rm Po}$ and the hypernucleus $^{211}_{\Lambda}{\rm Po}$. We find that (1) emission for the hypernucleus $^{211}_{\Lambda}{\rm Po}$ is larger than for normal nucleus $^{210}{\rm Po}$, (2) difference between these spectra is small. We propose a way how to find hypernuclei, where role of hyperon is the most essential in emission of bremsstrahlung photons during $\alpha$ decay. As demonstration of such a property, we show that the spectra for the hypernuclei $^{107}_{\Lambda}{\rm Te}$ and $^{109}_{\Lambda}{\rm Te}$ are essentially larger than the spectra for the normal nuclei $^{106}{\rm Te}$ and $^{108}{\rm Te}$. Such a difference is explained by additional contribution of emission to the full bremsstrahlung, which is formed by magnetic moment of hyperon inside hypernucleus. The bremsstrahlung emission formed by such a mechanism, is of the magnetic type. A new formula for fast estimations of bremsstrahlung spectra for even-even hypernuclei is proposed, where role of magnetic moment of hyperon of hypernucleus in formation of the bremsstrahlung emission is shown explicitly. Such an analysis opens possibility of new experimental study of properties of hypernuclei via bremsstrahlung study. read more

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Nuclear Theory High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Nuclear Experiment