Social physics

no code yet • 5 Oct 2021

Based on the number of ideas laid out, but also on the fact that the field is already too big for an exhaustive review despite our best efforts, we are forced to conclude that the future for social physics is bright.

Physics and Society


Tests of lepton universality using $B^0\to K^0_S \ell^+ \ell^-$ and $B^+\to K^{*+} \ell^+ \ell^-$ decays

no code yet • 18 Oct 2021

Tests of lepton universality in $B^0\to K^0_S \ell^+ \ell^-$ and $B^+\to K^{*+} \ell^+ \ell^-$ decays where $\ell$ is either an electron or a muon are presented.

High Energy Physics - Experiment


The QICK (Quantum Instrumentation Control Kit): Readout and control for qubits and detectors

no code yet • 1 Oct 2021

We introduce a Xilinx RFSoC-based qubit controller (called the Quantum Instrumentation Control Kit, or QICK for short) which supports the direct synthesis of control pulses with carrier frequencies of up to 6 GHz.

Quantum Physics Instrumentation and Detectors


What is the Gravitational Field of a Mass in a Spatially Nonlocal Quantum Superposition?

no code yet • 26 Oct 2021

One question to be answered is whether the gravitational field behaves as the classical superposition of two particles separated by a spatial distance with half the mass located at each position or as a quantum superposition with a far more interesting and subtle behaviour for the gravitational field.

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology


Parameterising continuum level Li-ion battery models & the LiionDB database

no code yet • 19 Oct 2021

The Doyle-Fuller-Newman framework is the most popular physics-based continuum-level description of the chemical and dynamical internal processes within operating lithium-ion-battery cells.

Chemical Physics Applied Physics


Rubric-based holistic review: a promising route to equitable graduate admissions in physics

no code yet • 8 Oct 2021

The rubric assessed applicants on 18 metrics covering their grades, test scores, research experiences, noncognitive competencies, and fit with the program.

Physics Education


Provably accurate simulation of gauge theories and bosonic systems

no code yet • 13 Oct 2021

We establish a lower bound showing that there are systems involving bosons for which this quadratic scaling with time cannot be improved.

Quantum Physics Data Structures and Algorithms High Energy Physics - Theory


Resource theory of quantum uncomplexity

no code yet • 21 Oct 2021

The greater a state's distance from maximal complexity, or ``uncomplexity,'' the more useful the state is as input to a quantum computation.

Quantum Physics Disordered Systems and Neural Networks General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology High Energy Physics - Theory


Low-overhead fault-tolerant quantum computing using long-range connectivity

no code yet • 20 Oct 2021

Vast numbers of qubits will be needed for large-scale quantum computing using today's fault-tolerant architectures due to the overheads associated with quantum error correction.

Quantum Physics


The anatomy of social dynamics in escape rooms

no code yet • 30 Sep 2021

From sport and science production to everyday life, higher-level pursuits demand collaboration.

Physics and Society Social and Information Networks