A boron-coated CCD camera for direct detection of Ultracold Neutrons (UCN)

28 Feb 2019 Kuk K. Cude-Woods C. Chavez C. R. Choi J. H. Estrada J. Hoffbauer M. Makela M. Merkel P. Morris C. L. Ramberg E. Wang Z. Bailey T. Blatnik M. Adamek E. R. Broussard L. J. Brown M. A. -P. Callahan N. B. Clayton S. M. Currie S. A. Ding X. Dinger D. Filippone B. Fries E. M. Geltenbort P. George E. Gonzalez F. Hickerson K. P. Hoffman K. Holley A. T. Ito T. M. MacDonald S. W. T. Liu C. -Y. O'Shaughnessy C. Pattie, R. W. Jr. Phillips D. G. II Plaster B. Salvat D. J. Saunders A. Seestrom S. Sharapov E. I. Sjue S. K. L. Su V. Sun X. Tang Z. Walstrom P. L. Wei W. Wexler J. W. Womack T. L. Young A. R. Zeck B. A. collaboration UCN

A new boron-coated CCD camera is described for direct detection of ultracold neutrons (UCN) through the capture reactions $^{10}$B (n,$\alpha$0$\gamma$)$^7$Li (6%) and $^{10}$B(n,$\alpha$1$\gamma$)$^7$Li (94%). The experiments, which extend earlier works using a boron-coated ZnS:Ag scintillator, are based on direct detections of the neutron-capture byproducts in silicon... (read more)

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