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TORAX: A Fast and Differentiable Tokamak Transport Simulator in JAX

google-deepmind/torax 10 Jun 2024

We present TORAX, a new, open-source, differentiable tokamak core transport simulator implemented in Python using the JAX framework.

Plasma Physics

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Exact and practical pattern matching for quantum circuit optimization

Qiskit/qiskit-terra 11 Sep 2019

An important building block for many quantum circuit optimization techniques is pattern matching, where given a large and a small quantum circuit, we are interested in finding all maximal matches of the small circuit, called pattern, in the large circuit, considering pairwise commutation of quantum gates.

Quantum Physics Data Structures and Algorithms

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Optimal synthesis into fixed XX interactions

Qiskit/qiskit-terra 3 Nov 2021

We describe an optimal procedure, as well as its efficient software implementation, for exact and approximate synthesis of two-qubit unitary operations into any prescribed discrete family of XX-type interactions and local gates.

Quantum Physics Symplectic Geometry 81Q99, 53D45

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Computing solution space properties of combinatorial optimization problems via generic tensor networks

queracomputing/generictensornetworks.jl 7 May 2022

We introduce a unified framework to compute the solution space properties of a broad class of combinatorial optimization problems.

Statistical Mechanics

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scores: A Python package for verifying and evaluating models and predictions with xarray and pandas

nci/scores 12 Jun 2024

At the time of writing, `scores` includes over 50 metrics, statistical techniques and data processing tools.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Applications

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doped: Python toolkit for robust and repeatable charged defect supercell calculations

smtg-bham/doped 12 Mar 2024

Defects are a universal feature of crystalline solids, dictating the key properties and performance of many functional materials.

Materials Science Chemical Physics Computational Physics

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Discovering Quantum Circuit Components with Program Synthesis

ellisk42/ec 2 May 2023

Despite rapid progress in the field, it is still challenging to discover new ways to take advantage of quantum computation: all quantum algorithms need to be designed by hand, and quantum mechanics is notoriously counterintuitive.

Quantum Physics

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Seismic Foundation Model (SFM): a new generation deep learning model in geophysics

shenghanlin/seismicfoundationmodel 6 Sep 2023

While computer science has seen remarkable advancements in foundation models, which remain underexplored in geoscience.


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Non-Vacuum Solutions, Gravitational Collapse and Discrete Singularity Theorems in Wolfram Model Systems

jonathangorard/gravitas 10 Mar 2023

The celebrated geodesic congruence equation of Raychaudhuri, together with the resulting singularity theorems of Penrose and Hawking that it enabled, yield a highly general set of conditions under which a spacetime (or, more generically, a pseudo-Riemannian manifold) is expected to become geodesically incomplete.

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

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KomaMRI.jl: An Open-Source Framework for General MRI Simulations with GPU Acceleration

cncastillo/KomaMRI.jl 6 Jan 2023

Results: Koma was compared to two well-known open-source MRI simulators, JEMRIS and MRiLab.

Medical Physics

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