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Analyzing Warp Drive Spacetimes with Warp Factory

nerdswithattitudes/warpfactory 3 Apr 2024

To overcome the analytical limitations in warp research, we introduce Warp Factory: a numerical toolkit designed for modeling warp drive spacetimes.

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

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Urban Mobility

mszell/geospatialdatascience 1 Nov 2022

In this chapter, we discuss urban mobility from a complexity science perspective.

Physics and Society Computers and Society

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A comprehensive and fair comparison of two neural operators (with practical extensions) based on FAIR data

lululxvi/deepxde 10 Nov 2021

Neural operators can learn nonlinear mappings between function spaces and offer a new simulation paradigm for real-time prediction of complex dynamics for realistic diverse applications as well as for system identification in science and engineering.

Computational Physics

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Tensorial properties via the neuroevolution potential framework: Fast simulation of infrared and Raman spectra

brucefan1983/GPUMD 8 Dec 2023

Infrared and Raman spectroscopy are widely used for the characterization of gases, liquids, and solids, as the spectra contain a wealth of information concerning in particular the dynamics of these systems.

Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Materials Science Chemical Physics Computational Physics

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PyOECP: A flexible open-source software library for estimating and modeling the complex permittivity based on the open-ended coaxial probe (OECP) technique

manish-pra/sagempc 30 Sep 2021

In addition to these models, the electrode polarization, which is a common measurement artifact for interpreting the dielectric spectra, can be incorporated in the modeling algorithm.

Instrumentation and Detectors Chemical Physics

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Optimal synthesis into fixed XX interactions

Qiskit/qiskit-terra 3 Nov 2021

We describe an optimal procedure, as well as its efficient software implementation, for exact and approximate synthesis of two-qubit unitary operations into any prescribed discrete family of XX-type interactions and local gates.

Quantum Physics Symplectic Geometry 81Q99, 53D45

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Exact and practical pattern matching for quantum circuit optimization

Qiskit/qiskit-terra 11 Sep 2019

An important building block for many quantum circuit optimization techniques is pattern matching, where given a large and a small quantum circuit, we are interested in finding all maximal matches of the small circuit, called pattern, in the large circuit, considering pairwise commutation of quantum gates.

Quantum Physics Data Structures and Algorithms

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Modified Shallow Water Equations for significantly varying seabeds

huwb/crest-oceanrender 29 Feb 2012

The novel system is a non-dispersive non-hydrostatic extension of the classical Saint-Venant equations.

Classical Physics Analysis of PDEs Numerical Analysis Computational Physics Fluid Dynamics

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A foundation model for atomistic materials chemistry

ACEsuit/mace 29 Dec 2023

Machine-learned force fields have transformed the atomistic modelling of materials by enabling simulations of ab initio quality on unprecedented time and length scales.

Chemical Physics Materials Science

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Computing foaming flows across scales: from breaking waves to microfluidics

cselab/aphros 2 Mar 2021

We present a novel multilayer simulation framework (Multi-VOF) that advances the state of the art in simulation capabilities of foamy flows.

Computational Physics Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis Fluid Dynamics

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