A look into the cosmological consequences of a dark energy model with higher derivatives of $H$ in the framework of Chameleon Brans-Dicke Cosmology

20 Jan 2019 Pasqua Antonio Chattopadhyay Surajit Beesham Aroonkumar

In this paper, we study some relevant cosmological features of a Dark Energy (DE) model with Granda-Oliveiros cut-off, which is just a specific case of Nojiri-Odintsov holographic DE unifying phantom inflation with late-time acceleration, in the framework of Chameleon Brans-Dicke (BD) Cosmology. Choosing a particular ansatz for some of the quantities involved, we derive the expressions of some important cosmological quantities, like the Equation of State (EoS) parameter of DE $w_D$, the effective EoS parameter $w_{eff}$, the pressure of DE $p_D$ and the deceleration parameter $q$... (read more)

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