A Tensor Network based Decision Diagram for Representation of Quantum Circuits

6 Sep 2020  ·  Xin Hong, Xiangzhen Zhou, Sanjiang Li, Yuan Feng, Mingsheng Ying ·

Tensor networks have been successfully applied in simulation of quantum physical systems for decades. Recently, they have also been employed in classical simulation of quantum computing, in particular, random quantum circuits. This paper proposes a decision diagram style data structure, called TDD (Tensor Decision Diagram), for more principled and convenient applications of tensor networks. This new data structure provides a compact and canonical representation for quantum circuits. By exploiting circuit partition, the TDD of a quantum circuit can be computed efficiently. Furthermore, we show that the operations of tensor networks essential in their applications (e.g., addition and contraction), can also be implemented efficiently in TDDs. A proof-of-concept implementation of TDDs is presented and its efficiency is evaluated on a set of benchmark quantum circuits. It is expected that TDDs will play an important role in various design automation tasks related to quantum circuits, including but not limited to equivalence checking, error detection, synthesis, simulation, and verification.

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Quantum Physics Data Structures and Algorithms