An Extention of Entanglement Measures for Pure States

26 Jul 2020  ·  Shi Xian, Chen Lin ·

To quantify the entanglement is one of the most important topics in quantum entanglement theory. In [arXiv: 2006.12408], the authors proposed a method to build a measure from the orginal domain to a larger one... Here we apply that method to build an entanglement measure from measures for pure states. First, we present conditions when the entanglement measure is an entanglement monotone and convex, we also present an interpretation of the smoothed one-shot entanglement cost under the method here. At last, we present a difference between the local operation and classical communication (LOCC) and the separability-preserving (SEPP) operations, then we present the entanglement measures built from the geometric entanglement measure for pure states by the convex roof extended method and the method here are equal, at last, we present the relationship between the concurrence and the entanglement measure built from concurrence for pure states by the method here on 2 \otimes 2 systems. We also present the measure is monogamous for 2\otimes 2 \otimes d system. read more

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Quantum Physics