Analyzing Warp Drive Spacetimes with Warp Factory

3 Apr 2024  ·  Christopher Helmerich, Jared Fuchs, Alexey Bobrick, Luke Sellers, Brandon Melcher, Gianni Martire ·

The field of warp research has been dominated by analytical methods to investigate potential solutions. However, these approaches often favor simple metric forms that facilitate analysis but ultimately limit the range of exploration of novel solutions. So far the proposed solutions have been unphysical, requiring energy condition violations and large energy requirements. To overcome the analytical limitations in warp research, we introduce Warp Factory: a numerical toolkit designed for modeling warp drive spacetimes. By leveraging numerical analysis, Warp Factory enables the examination of general warp drive geometries by evaluating the Einstein field equations and computing energy conditions. Furthermore, this comprehensive toolkit provides the determination of metric scalars and insightful visualizations in both 2D and 3D, offering a deeper understanding of metrics and their corresponding stress-energy tensors. The paper delves into the methodology employed by Warp Factory in evaluating the physicality of warp drive spacetimes and highlights its application in assessing commonly modeled warp drive metrics. By leveraging the capabilities of Warp Factory, we aim to further warp drive research and hopefully bring us closer to realizing physically achievable warp drives.

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