Bravyi-Kitaev Superfast simulation of fermions on a quantum computer

10 Oct 2018  ·  Setia Kanav, Whitfield James D. ·

Present quantum computers often work with distinguishable qubits as their computational units. In order to simulate indistinguishable fermionic particles, it is first required to map the fermionic state to the state of the qubits... The Bravyi-Kitaev Superfast (BKSF) algorithm can be used to accomplish this mapping. The BKSF mapping has connections to quantum error correction and opens the door to new ways of understanding fermionic simulation in a topological context. Here, we present the first detailed exposition of BKSF algorithm for molecular simulation. We provide the BKSF transformed qubit operators and report on our implementation of the BKSF fermion-to-qubits transform in OpenFermion. In this initial study of the hydrogen molecule, we have compared BKSF, Jordan-Wigner and Bravyi-Kitaev transforms under the Trotter approximation. We considered different orderings of the exponentiated terms and found lower Trotter errors than previously reported for Jordan-Wigner and Bravyi-Kitaev algorithms. These results open the door to further study of the BKSF algorithm for quantum simulation. read more

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Quantum Physics