Build your own tensor network library: DMRjulia I. Basic library for the density matrix renormalization group

7 Sep 2021  ·  Thomas E. Baker, Martin P. Thompson ·

An introduction to the density matrix renormalization group is contained here, including coding examples. The focus of this code is on basic operations involved in tensor network computations, and this forms the foundation of the DMRjulia library. Algorithmic complexity, measurements from the matrix product state, convergence to the ground state, and other relevant features are also discussed. The present document covers the implementation of operations for dense tensors into the Julia language. The code can be used as an educational tool to understand how tensor network computations are done in the context of entanglement renormalization or as a template for other codes in low level languages. A comprehensive Supplemental Material is meant to be a "Numerical Recipes" style introduction to the core functions and a simple implementation of them. The code is fast enough to be used in research and can be used to make new algorithms.

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