Circuit-centric quantum classifiers

2 Apr 2018  ·  Maria Schuld, Alex Bocharov, Krysta Svore, Nathan Wiebe ·

The current generation of quantum computing technologies call for quantum algorithms that require a limited number of qubits and quantum gates, and which are robust against errors. A suitable design approach are variational circuits where the parameters of gates are learnt, an approach that is particularly fruitful for applications in machine learning... In this paper, we propose a low-depth variational quantum algorithm for supervised learning. The input feature vectors are encoded into the amplitudes of a quantum system, and a quantum circuit of parametrised single and two-qubit gates together with a single-qubit measurement is used to classify the inputs. This circuit architecture ensures that the number of learnable parameters is poly-logarithmic in the input dimension. We propose a quantum-classical training scheme where the analytical gradients of the model can be estimated by running several slightly adapted versions of the variational circuit. We show with simulations that the circuit-centric quantum classifier performs well on standard classical benchmark datasets while requiring dramatically fewer parameters than other methods. We also evaluate sensitivity of the classification to state preparation and parameter noise, introduce a quantum version of dropout regularisation and provide a graphical representation of quantum gates as highly symmetric linear layers of a neural network. read more

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