Coercivity and random interfacial exchange coupling in CoPt/Co films

31 Mar 2016  ·  Alexandrakis V., Kechrakos D., Moutis N., Niarchos D., Hadjipanayis G., Panagiotopoulos I. ·

Hard-soft bilayers are analogous to prototype exchange-biased ferromagnetic -antiferromagnetic systems as the minor loop of the soft layer is biased by the hard and furthermore they offer bias layer tunability. In sputtered CoPt/Co hard-soft bilayers we demonstrate that the exchange bias field shows a linear dependence on the hard layer magnetization, while the coercivity shows a quadratic dependence... Analysis of the minor hysteresis loop features supported by Monte-Carlo simulations provide clear evidence that the coercivity of the soft layer is mainly determined by the tunable randomness of the domain state of the hard layer. read more

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Materials Science