Conquering the Rayleigh scattering limit of silica glass fiber at visible wavelengths with a hollow-core fiber approach

22 Sep 2019  ·  Gao Shou-fei, Wang Ying-ying, Ding Wei, Hong Yi-Feng, Wang Pu ·

The ultimate limit on fiber loss is set by the intrinsic Rayleigh scattering of silica glass material. Here, we challenge this limit in the visible region by using a hollow-core fiber approach... Two visible-guiding hollow-core conjoined-tube negative-curvature fibers are successfully fabricated and exhibit the overall losses of 3.8 dB/km at 680 nm and 4.9 dB/km at 558 nm respectively. The loss of the latter fiber surpasses the Rayleigh scattering limit of silica glass fiber in the green spectral region by 2 dB. Numerical simulation indicates that this loss level is still much higher than the fundamental surface scattering loss limit of hollow-core fiber. read more

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