Controlled density-downramp injection in a beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerator

10 Aug 2020  ·  Knetsch Alexander, Sheeran Bridget, Boulton Lewis, Niknejadi Pardis, Põder Kristjan, Schaper Lucas, Zeng Ming, Bohlen Simon, Boyle Gregory, Brümmer Theresa, Chappell James, D'Arcy Richard, Diederichs Severin, Foster Brian, Garland Matthew James, Caminal Pau Gonzalez, Hidding Bernhard, Libov Vladislav, Lindstrøm Carl Andreas, de la Ossa Alberto Martinez, Meisel Martin, Parikh Trupen, Schmidt Bernhard, Schröder Sarah, Tauscher Gabriele, Wesch Stephan, Winkler Paul, Wood Jonathan, Osterhoff Jens ·

This paper describes the utilization of beam-driven plasma wakefield acceleration to implement a high-quality plasma cathode via density-downramp injection in a short injector stage at the FLASHForward facility at DESY. Electron beams with charge of up to 105 pC and energy spread of a few percent were accelerated by a tunable effective accelerating field of up to 2.7 GV/m... The plasma cathode was operated drift-free with very high injection efficiency. Sources of jitter, the emittance and divergence of the resulting beam were investigated and modeled, as were strategies for performance improvements that would further increase the wide-ranging applications for a plasma cathode with the demonstrated operational stability read more

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Accelerator Physics Plasma Physics