Controlling the Photon Number Coherence of Solid-state Quantum Light Sources for Quantum Cryptography

31 May 2023  ·  Yusuf Karli, Daniel A. Vajner, Florian Kappe, Paul C. A. Hagen, Lena M. Hansen, René Schwarz, Thomas K. Bracht, Christian Schimpf, Saimon F. Covre da Silva, Philip Walther, Armando Rastelli, Vollrath Martin Axt, Juan C. Loredo, Vikas Remesh, Tobias Heindel, Doris E. Reiter, Gregor Weihs ·

Quantum communication networks rely on quantum cryptographic protocols including quantum key distribution (QKD) using single photons. A critical element regarding the security of QKD protocols is the photon number coherence (PNC), i.e. the phase relation between the zero and one-photon Fock state, which critically depends on the excitation scheme. Thus, to obtain flying qubits with the desired properties, optimal pumping schemes for quantum emitters need to be selected. Semiconductor quantum dots generate on-demand single photons with high purity and indistinguishability. Exploiting two-photon excitation of a quantum dot combined with a stimulation pulse, we demonstrate the generation of high-quality single photons with a controllable degree of PNC. Our approach provides a viable route toward secure communication in quantum networks.

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Quantum Physics Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Optics