Demonstration of a self-pulsing photonic crystal Fano laser

10 May 2016  ·  Yu Yi, Xue Weiqi, Semenova Elizaveta, Yvind Kresten, Mork Jesper ·

Semiconductor lasers in use today rely on mirrors based on the reflection at a cleaved facet or Bragg reflection from a periodic stack of layers. Here, we demonstrate an ultra-small laser with a mirror based on the Fano resonance between a continuum of waveguide modes and the discrete resonance of a nanocavity... The Fano resonance leads to unique laser characteristics. Since the Fano mirror is very narrow-band compared to conventional lasers, the laser is single-mode and in particular, it can be modulated via the mirror. We show, experimentally and theoretically, that nonlinearities in the mirror may even promote the generation of a self-sustained train of pulses at gigahertz frequencies, an effect that was previously only observed in macroscopic lasers. Such a source is of interest for a number of applications within integrated photonics. read more

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