Detection of interactions via generalized factorial cumulants in systems in and out of equilibrium

15 Oct 2015  ·  Stegmann Philipp, Sothmann Björn, Hucht Alfred, König Jürgen ·

We introduce time-dependent, generalized factorial cumulants $C_s^m(t)$ of the full counting statistics of electron transfer as a tool to detect interactions in nanostructures. The violation of the sign criterion $(-1)^{m-1} C^m_s(t)\ge0$ for \emph{any} time $t$, order $m$, and parameter $s$ proves the presence of interactions... For given system parameters, there is a minimal time span $t_\text{min}$ and a minimal order $m$ to observe the violation of the sign criterion. We demonstrate that generalized factorial cumulants are more sensitive to interactions than ordinary ones and can detect interactions even in regimes where ordinary factorial cumulants fail. We illustrate our findings with the example of a quantum dot tunnel coupled to electronic reservoirs either in or out of equilibrium. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics