DNA Nucleobase Interaction Driven Electronic and Optical Fingerprints in Gallium Selenide Monolayer for DNA Sequencing Devices

9 Feb 2021  ·  Kuldeep Kumar, Munish Sharma ·

The interaction of DNA nucleobases with monolayer GaSe has been studied with in DFT framework using vdW functional. We found that nucleobases are physisorbed on the GaSe monolayer. The order of binding energy per atom is C > T > G > A. The room temperature recovery time estimated to be maximum of 113.88 micro sec. for T+GaSe indicting reusability of the GaSe based devices. The modulation in the electronic structures of GaSe has been clearly captured within the simulated STM measurements. We also demonstrate quantum capacitance as a key parameter for sensing applications. Furthermore, in optical properties, electron energy loss (EEL) spectra show red shift in photon energy on nucleobase adsorption in UV region. In nutshell, GaSe monolayer exhibit anisotropic optical response in UV-region which can be highly beneficial for developing polarized optical sensors. Our results demonstrate that GaSe monolayer can be utilized to fabricate reusable DNA sequencing devices for biotechnology and medical science.

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics