Downsampling of optical frequency combs

30 Jan 2018  ·  Cole Daniel C., Papp Scott B., Diddams Scott A. ·

We demonstrate repetition-rate downsampling of optical frequency combs by way of pulse gating. The reduced repetition rate enables increased pulse energy, facilitating efficient spectral broadening and f-2f interferometry... To explore the technique, we downsample a 250 MHz repetition-rate comb to 25 MHz and detect the carrier-envelope offset frequency of the downsampled pulse train. We investigate the effects of pulse gating on the noise properties of the pulse train and the limitations of the technique by characterizing the phase-noise spectrum of the downsampled comb and deliberately imposing timing jitter on the pulse gate. We show that, up to an expected reduction modulo the new repetition rate, downsampling neither shifts nor introduces noise to the carrier-envelope offset frequency of the comb above the level of several microhertz. Additionally, we discuss the effect of downsampling on the spectrum of intensity fluctuations of the optical pulse train. Finally, we discuss some practical considerations relevant for the application of the technique to frequency combs with repetition rates in the 10 GHz range and higher. read more

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