Efficient and robust chiral resolution by composite pulses

29 Jan 2020  ·  Torosov Boyan T., Drewsen Michael, Vitanov Nikolay V. ·

We introduce a method for detection of chiral molecules using sequences of three pulses driving a closed-loop three-state quantum system. The left- and right-handed enantiomers have identical optical properties (transition frequencies and transition dipole moments) with the only difference being the sign of one of the couplings... We identify twelve different sequences of resonant pulses for which chiral resolution with perfect contrast occurs. In all of them the first and third pulses are $\pi/2$-pulses and the middle pulse is a $\pi$-pulse. In addition, one of the three pulses must have a phase shift of $\pi/2$ with respect to the other two. The simplicity of the proposed chiral resolution technique allows for straightforward extensions to more efficient and more robust implementations by replacing the single $\pi/2$ and $\pi$-pulses by composite pulses. We present specific examples of chiral resolution by composite pulses which compensate errors in the pulse areas and the detuning of the driving fields. read more

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Quantum Physics