Evaluation of the systematic shifts of a ${}^{40}\textrm{Ca}^+-{}^{27}\textrm{Al}^+$ optical clock

10 Dec 2020  ·  Kaifeng Cui, Sijia Chao, Chenglong Sun, Shaomao Wang, Ping Zhang, Yuanfei Wei, Jinbo Yuan, Jian Cao, Hualin Shu, Xueren Huang ·

Quantum-logic-based ${}^{27}\textrm{Al}^+$ optical clock has been demonstrated in several schemes as there are different choices of the auxiliary ion species. In this paper, we present the first detailed evaluation of the systematic shift and the total uncertainty of an ${}^{27}\textrm{Al}^+$ optical clock sympathetically cooled by a ${}^{40}\textrm{Ca}^+$ ion. The total systematic uncertainty of the ${}^{40}\textrm{Ca}^+ - {}^{27}\textrm{Al}^+$ quantum logic clock has been estimated to be $7.9 \times 10^{-18}$, which was mainly limited by the uncertainty of the quadratic Zeeman shift. By comparing the frequency of two counter-propagating clock beams on the same ion, we measured the frequency stability to be $3.7 \times 10^{-14} /\sqrt{\tau}$.

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Atomic Physics