Exceptionally high, strongly temperature dependent, spin Hall conductivity of SrRuO3

25 Oct 2018 Ou Yongxi Wang Zhe Chang Celesta S. Nair Hari P. Paik Hanjong Reynolds Neal Ralph D. C. Muller D. A. Schlom D. G. Buhrman R. A.

Spin-orbit torques (SOT) in thin film heterostructures originate from strong spin-orbit interactions (SOI) that, in the bulk, generate a spin current as the result of extrinsic spin-dependent, skew or/and side-jump, scattering, or in the intrinsic case due to Berry curvature in the conduction band. While most SOT studies have focused on materials with heavy metal components, the oxide perovskite SrRuO3 has been predicted to have a pronounced Berry curvature... (read more)

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