Experimental identification of the $T = 1$, $J^{\pi} = 6^+$ state of $^{54}$Co and isospin symmetry in $A = 54$ studied via one-nucleon knockout reactions

23 Mar 2020 Spieker M. Weisshaar D. Gade A. Brown B. A. Adrich P. Bazin D. Bentley M. A. Brown J. R. Campbell C. M. Diget C. Aa. Elman B. Glasmacher T. Hill M. Longfellow B. Pritychenko B. Ratkiewicz A. Rhodes D. Tostevin J. A.

New experimental data obtained from $\gamma$-ray tagged one-neutron and one-proton knockout from $^{55}$Co is presented. A candidate for the sought-after $T=1, T_z = 0, J^{\pi} = 6^+$ state in $^{54}$Co is proposed based on a comparison to the new data on $^{54}$Fe, the corresponding observables predicted by large-scale-shell-model (LSSM) calculations in the full $fp$-model space employing charge-dependent contributions, and isospin-symmetry arguments... (read more)

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