Expression for SU(4) multiplet and Masses of undiscovered Baryons in Standard Model

11 Nov 2019  ·  Khan Imran ·

In particle physics, study of the symmetry plays very important role in order to get useful information about the nature. The classification and arrangements of subatomic particles is also necessary to study particle physics... Particles which are building blocks of nature are quarks, gluons and leptons. Baryons and Mesons composed of quarks were arranged by Gell-Mann and Okubo in their well-known Eight-Fold way up to SU(3) symmetry. Standard model of particles is composed of these particles. Particles in SU(4) also make some multiplets. However all the baryons with spin JP= 3/2+ and 1/2+ in these multiplets have not been observed till date. We have studied properties of the multiplets having spin JP= 3/2+ in an early work. In this paper the SU(4) multiplets with spin JP= 1/2+ have been organized and studied in an easy way. As a result some clues about the masses and iso-spins of the unknown baryons have been obtained. These approximations about the characteristics of the unidentified baryons have been recorded in this article. Mass formula for the baryons having spin JP= 1/2+ in SU(4) multiplets have been extracted. read more

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General Physics