Global optimization for accurate determination of EBSD pattern centers

28 Aug 2019  ·  Edward L. Pang, Peter M. Larsen, Christopher A. Schuh ·

Accurate pattern center determination has long been a challenge for the electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) community and is becoming critically accuracy-limiting for more recent advanced EBSD techniques. Here, we study the parameter landscape over which a pattern center must be fitted in quantitative detail and reveal that it is both sloppy and noisy, which limits the accuracy to which pattern centers can be determined... To locate the global optimum in this challenging landscape, we propose a combination of two approaches: the use of a global search algorithm and averaging the results from multiple patterns. We demonstrate the ability to accurately determine pattern centers of simulated patterns, inclusive of effects of binning and noise on the error of the fitted pattern center. We also demonstrate the ability of this method to accurately detect changes in pattern center in an experimental dataset with noisy and highly binned patterns. Source code for our pattern center fitting algorithm is available online. read more

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Materials Science Computational Physics