High resolution experimental parameter space of a chaotic circuit

26 Oct 2015  ·  de Sousa Francisco F. G., Rubinger Rero M., Sartorelli José C., Albuquerque Holokx A., Baptista Murilo S. ·

We have obtained a high resolution parameter space of an experimental Chua's circuit and shown that the topology of the chaotic and periodic regions present not only expected features previously observed from high resolution numerical simulations of idealised Chua's circuit, but also novel unexpected features. Unmatched feedback resistances cause the formation of at least two competing spirals with consequent disrupted or malformed shrimps... We have also confirmed experimentally that the period-adding bifurcation route is formed by periodic regions whose size decrease exponentially with their period, and consequently, periodic behaviour with higher period is unlikely to be observed. The higher-resolution span of parameters was possible by the use of a newly designed potentiometer that could be potentially used in other electronic equipments to reveal hidden behaviours. To have such resistances we developed in series arrays of resistors short-circuited by relays as discrete potentiometers with 1024 steps, and resolutions of 0.100 $\Omega$ for $r_L$ in series with the inductor, and 0.200 $\Omega$ for R connecting the two capacitors. read more

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Chaotic Dynamics