Hot embossing of Au- and Pb- based alloys for X ray grating fabrication

30 Oct 2018  ·  Romano Lucia, Vila-Comamala Joan, Schift Helmut, Stampanoni Marco ·

Grating-based X-ray phase-contrast interferometry has a high application impact in material science and medicine for imaging of weakly absorbing (low Z) materials and soft tissues. For the absorbing gratings, casting of highly x-ray absorbing metals, such as Au and Pb alloys, has proven to be a viable way to generate large area periodic high aspect ratio microstructures... In this paper, we review the grating fabrication strategy with a special focus on a novel approach of casting low temperature melting alloys (Au-Sn and Pbbased alloy) into Si grating templates using hot embossing. The process, similar to nanoimprint lithography, requires particular adjusting efforts of process parameters as a function of the metal alloy and the grating feature size. The transition between solid and liquid state depends on the alloy phase diagram, the applied pressure can damage the high aspect ratio Si lamellas and the microstructure of the solid metal can affect the grating structure. We demonstrate that metal casting by hot embossing can be used to fabricate gratings on large area (up to 70x70 mm2) with aspect ratio up to 50:1 and pitch in the range of 1-20 {\mu}m. read more

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Applied Physics