Interferences between En and Mn (n = 1, 2...) optical transition moments

26 Dec 2018 Chichinin A. I.

The operator for interaction between monochromatic electromagnetic field (light) and molecules is usually presented as a two multipolar series % truncated expansions $V^{E1}+V^{E2}+...$ (electro-dipole, electro-quadrupole,...) and $V^{M1}+V^{M2}+...$ (magneto-dipole, magneto-quadrupole, ...). The optical transition probability is proportional to the complex square of the sum of these series, which contains interference terms like $V^{En}V^{En'}$, $V^{Mn}V^{Mn'}$, and $V^{Ep}V^{Mk}$ ($n\ne n'$)... (read more)

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