Interplay between the factorization of the Jarlskog Invariant and location of the Solar and Atmospheric Resonances for Neutrino Oscillations in Matter

14 Dec 2020  ·  Stephen J. Parke ·

The Jarlskog invariant which controls the size of intrinsic CP violation in neutrino oscillation appearance experiments is modified by Wolfenstein matter effects for neutrinos propagating in matter. In this paper we give the exact factorization of Jarlskog invariant in matter into the vacuum Jarlskog invariant times two, two-flavor matter resonance factors that control the matter effects for the solar and atmospheric resonances independently... We compare the location of the minima of the factorizing resonance factors with the location of the solar and atmospheric resonances, precisely defined. They are not identical but the fractional differences are both found to be less than 0.1\%. In addition, we explain why symmetry polynomials of the square of the mass of the neutrino eigenvalues in matter, such as inverse of the square of the Jarlskog invariant in matter, can be given as polynomials in the matter potential. read more

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