Investigation of the magnetic ground state of the ordered double perovskite Sr2YbRuO6: a tale of two transitions

30 Sep 2020 Sharma Shivani Adroja D. T. Ritter C. Khalyavin D. Manuel P. Stenning Gavin B. G. Sundaresan A. Hillier A. D. Deen P. P. Khomskii D. I. Langridge S.

Comprehensive muon spin rotation/relaxation (muSR) and neutron powder diffraction (NPD) studies supported via bulk measurements have been performed on the ordered double perovskite Sr2YbRuO6 to investigate the nature of the magnetic ground state. Two sharp transitions at TN1 ~ 42 K and TN2 ~ 36 K have been observed in the static and dynamic magnetization measurements, coinciding with the heat capacity data... (read more)

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