Learning to Identify Electrons

3 Nov 2020  ·  Julian Collado, Jessica N. Howard, Taylor Faucett, Tony Tong, Pierre Baldi, Daniel Whiteson ·

We investigate whether state-of-the-art classification features commonly used to distinguish electrons from jet backgrounds in collider experiments are overlooking valuable information. A deep convolutional neural network analysis of electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeter deposits is compared to the performance of typical features, revealing a $\approx 5\%$ gap which indicates that these lower-level data do contain untapped classification power. To reveal the nature of this unused information, we use a recently developed technique to map the deep network into a space of physically interpretable observables. We identify two simple calorimeter observables which are not typically used for electron identification, but which mimic the decisions of the convolutional network and nearly close the performance gap.

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Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability High Energy Physics - Experiment High Energy Physics - Phenomenology