Magnetic phase diagram of TbMn$_{1-x}$Fe$_x$O$_3$ $(0 \leq x \leq 1)$ substitutional solid solution

17 May 2016  ·  Mihalik M., Jaglicic Z., Vilarinho R., Moreira J. Agostinho, Queiros E., Tavares P. B., Almeida A., Zentkova M. ·

We present the magnetic phase diagram of TbMn1-xFexO3 substitutional solid solution in the whole concentration range 0 <= x <= 1 as determined from magnetization and specific heat measurements. We have found that the dominant magnetic ion in the concentration range 0 <= x < 0.3 is manganese, while iron ions do not create independent magnetic structure, but strongly affect magnetic properties of the parent compound by reducing transition to magnetically ordered state and transition into a cycloidal phase... The magnetism in the concentration range 0.3 < x <= 1 is driven by the Fe sublattice. The manganese ions again do not order in long range magnetic ordered state, but stabilize four different magnetic structures of Fe sublattice above 2 K. The magnetic ordering of Tb sublattice was observed only on parent compounds TbMnO3 and TbFeO3 and for doping level below 0.1, or over 0.9. read more

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