Neural Network for 3D ICF Shell Reconstruction from Single Radiographs

11 Jan 2021  ·  Bradley T. Wolfe, Zhizhong Han, Jonathan S. Ben-Benjamin, John L. Kline, David S. Montgomery, Elizabeth C. Merritt, Paul A. Keiter, Eric Loomis, Brian M. Patterson, Lindsey Kuettner, Zhehui Wang ·

In inertial confinement fusion (ICF), X-ray radiography is a critical diagnostic for measuring implosion dynamics, which contains rich 3D information. Traditional methods for reconstructing 3D volumes from 2D radiographs, such as filtered backprojection, require radiographs from at least two different angles or lines of sight (LOS)... In ICF experiments, space for diagnostics is limited and cameras that can operate on the fast timescales are expensive to implement, limiting the number of projections that can be acquired. To improve the imaging quality as a result of this limitation, convolutional neural networks (CNN) have recently been shown to be capable of producing 3D models from visible light images or medical X-ray images rendered by volumetric computed tomography LOS (SLOS). We propose a CNN to reconstruct 3D ICF spherical shells from single radiographs. We also examine sensitivity of the 3D reconstruction to different illumination models using preprocessing techniques such as pseudo-flat fielding. To resolve the issue of the lack of 3D supervision, we show that training the CNN utilizing synthetic radiographs produced by known simulation methods allows for reconstruction of experimental data as long as the experimental data is similar to the synthetic data. We also show that the CNN allows for 3D reconstruction of shells that possess low mode asymmetries. Further comparisons of the 3D reconstructions with direct multiple LOS measurements are justified. read more

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Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Plasma Physics