On parabolic-equation model verification for underwater acoustics

25 Mar 2019  ·  Ivansson Sven M. ·

Modeling of sound propagation in media with azimuthal variations of the material parameters typically necessitates approximations. Useful methods, such as the 3-D parabolic equation (PE) method, need verification by correct reference solutions for well-defined test examples... The present paper utilizes reference solutions for media with particular types of lateral sound-speed variation, as a complement to common wedge and canyon examples with bathymetry variation. Notably, the adiabatic approximation is exact for the particular media under study, implying, however, that verification of mode coupling remains. Wavenumber integration, for computation of modal expansion coefficients, produces accurate solutions for the field and its spatial derivatives in the 3-D case. Explicit expressions are typically available for the wavenumber integrands in terms of Airy and exponential functions. For a related 2-D case with azimuthal symmetry, Hankel functions appear instead of exponentials, and the wavenumber integration drops out. The PE verification focuses on comparing the two sides of the PE at insertion of appropriately scaled Helmholtz-equation solutions. read more

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