Optical Kerr nonlinearity of disordered all-dielectric resonant high index metasurfaces with negative refraction

18 Mar 2020  ·  Panov Andrey V. ·

The optical Kerr effect of material with negative refraction is estimated for the first time. This is done via three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations of disordered bidisperse metasurfaces consisting of high index (GaP) spheres at the wavelength of 532~nm... The metasurfaces comprise spherical particles randomly arranged on plane having two sizes close to the magnetic and electric dipole Mie resonances. The real part of the effective nonlinear refractive index of the metasurfaces is computed in the vicinity of the Mie resonances where the metasurface possesses the negative index of refraction. The optical Kerr nonlinearity has a peak under the condition for the negative refraction. Intensity-dependent refractive index of the bidisperse metasurfaces is studied through concentration transition to the negative refraction state. It is shown that the nonlinear Kerr coefficient of the monolayer metasurface has maximum when the effective linear refractive index is close to zero. read more

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Optics Applied Physics