Phenomenological consequences of introducing new fermions with exotic charges to $R(K^{(*)})$, muon (g-2), the primordial Lithium problem, and dark matter

15 Sep 2020 Dhargyal Lobsang

In this work we show that, by introducing two $SU(3)_{c}\times SU(2)_{L}$ singlet right handed fermions carrying opposite $U(1)_{Y}$ charges and while their left handed counterparts are singlet under $SU(3)_{c}\times SU(2)_{L}$ and neutral under $U(1)_{Y}$, in the regime where the new charged lepton masses are in the electroweak scale it will be able to explain the small neutrino masses via minimum-inverse seesaw scenario (MISS) as well as the reported $R(K^{(*)})$ and muon $(g-2)$ discrepancies. Also when the charged fermion masses are well above the electro weak scale the model can not explain the reported $R(K^{(*)})$ and muon $(g-2)$ discrepancies, but in this regime the model could explain the primordial Lithium problem... (read more)

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