Physical interpretation of the anomalous Cherenkov rings observed with the DELPHI detector

22 Jan 2020  ·  Perepelitsa V. F., Ekelof T., Ferrer A., French B. R. ·

The results of a search with the DELPHI Barrel RICH for anomalous Cherenkov rings having radii greater than those produced by ultrarelativistic particles were reported in our previous paper [1]. The search was based on the data collected by the DELPHI Collaboration at CERN during the LEP1 and LEP2 periods... A detailed study of background sources capable of producing apparently anomalous rings has been done; it indicated that the background hypothesis has a low probability ($10^{-3}$ or less). An additional strong argument against the background hypothesis was provided by the observation of a high degree of correlation between anomalous ring radii in the liquid and gaseous radiators in the selected events.The results obtained are interpreted in this paper in terms of observation of faster-than-light particles (tachyons). In the framework of this interpretation two peaks in the tachyon mass parameter distribution are observed, at $(0.29 \pm 0.01)$~GeV/c$^2$ and $(4.6 \pm 0.2)$~GeV/c$^2$. This work has been performed by the authors following the rules for external access to the DELPHI archived data, as established in The opinions, findings and conclusions expressed in this material are those of the authors alone and do not reflect in any way the views of the DELPHI Collaboration. read more

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