Platform of chiral Majorana edge modes and its quantum transport phenomena

15 Jan 2019  ·  He James Jun, Liang Tian, Tanaka Yukio, Nagaosa Naoto ·

We propose a method to create two-dimensional topological superconductors with a heterostructure of ferromagnet (FM), topological insulator (TI) thin film and superconductor, in which the two surfaces of the TI thin film are treated as a two-dimensional system. One of surfaces is superconducting due to proximity effect and the other feels an exchange field from the FM... We show that there is a topological phase with single chiral Majorana edge mode that exists in readily achievable parameter regions and does not require magnetization to be small. An experimental setup is proposed based on our model to uniquely determine the existence of Majorana chiral modes using a Josephson junction. Also, we show that multiple chiral Majorana edge modes may appear when unconventional superconductors are used. read more

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