Pump-Depletion Dynamics and Saturation of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Shock Ignition Relevant Experiments

30 Aug 2019 Zhang S. Li J. Krauland C. M. Beg F. N. Muller S. Theobald W. Palastro J. Filkins T. Turnbull D. Haberberger D. Ren C. Betti R. Stoeckl C. Campbell E. M. Trela J. Batani D. Scott R. Wei M. S.

As an alternative inertial confinement fusion scheme with predicted high energy gain and more robust designs, shock ignition requires a strong converging shock driven by a shaped pulse with a high-intensity spike at the end to ignite a pre-compressed fusion capsule. Understanding nonlinear laser-plasma instabilities in shock ignition conditions is crucial to assess and improve the laser-shock energy coupling... (read more)

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