Quantum walk processes in quantum devices

28 Dec 2020  ·  Anandu Kalleri Madhu, Alexey A. Melnikov, Leonid E. Fedichkin, Alexander Alodjants, Ray-Kuang Lee ·

The quantum walk process represents a basic subroutine in many quantum algorithms and plays an important role in studying physical phenomena. Quantum particles, photons and electrons, are naturally suited for simulating quantum walks in systems of photonic waveguides and quantum dots. With an increasing improvement in qubits fidelity and qubits number in a single register, there is also potential to substantially improve quantum walks simulations. However, efficient ways to simulate quantum walks in qubit registers still has to be explored. Here different possibilities to efficiently implement quantum walks on IBM Q devices are studied. A mapping from a graph space to quantum register space is provided, and simulations on IBM Q quantum computer are performed. Implemented quantum walks are compared against classically simulated solutions. With this work we examine quantum walks paradigm for IBM Q computer which may exhibit quantum advantage for the algorithms incorporating random walk. Provided solution to quantum walk simulation opens a route to applied quantum algorithms based on quantum walks.

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Quantum Physics