Quantum walks on a programmable two-dimensional 62-qubit superconducting processor

4 Feb 2021  ·  Ming Gong, Shiyu Wang, Chen Zha, Ming-Cheng Chen, He-Liang Huang, Yulin Wu, Qingling Zhu, Youwei Zhao, Shaowei Li, Shaojun Guo, Haoran Qian, Yangsen Ye, Fusheng Chen, Chong Ying, Jiale Yu, Daojin Fan, Dachao Wu, Hong Su, Hui Deng, Hao Rong, Kaili Zhang, Sirui Cao, Jin Lin, Yu Xu, Lihua Sun, Cheng Guo, Na Li, Futian Liang, V. M. Bastidas, Kae Nemoto, W. J. Munro, Yong-Heng Huo, Chao-Yang Lu, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Xiaobo Zhu, Jian-Wei Pan ·

Quantum walks are the quantum mechanical analogue of classical random walks and an extremely powerful tool in quantum simulations, quantum search algorithms, and even for universal quantum computing. In our work, we have designed and fabricated an 8x8 two-dimensional square superconducting qubit array composed of 62 functional qubits. We used this device to demonstrate high fidelity single and two particle quantum walks. Furthermore, with the high programmability of the quantum processor, we implemented a Mach-Zehnder interferometer where the quantum walker coherently traverses in two paths before interfering and exiting. By tuning the disorders on the evolution paths, we observed interference fringes with single and double walkers. Our work is an essential milestone in the field, brings future larger scale quantum applications closer to realization on these noisy intermediate-scale quantum processors.

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Quantum Physics