Robust Device-Independent Randomness Amplification with Few Devices

25 Mar 2015  ·  Brandao Fernando G. S. L., Ramanathan Ravishankar, Grudka Andrzej, Horodecki Karol, Horodecki Michal, Horodecki Pawel, Szarek Tomasz, Wojewodka Hanna ·

Randomness amplification is the task of transforming a source of somewhat random bits into a source of fully random bits. Although it is impossible to amplify randomness from a single source by classical means, the situation is different considering non-local correlations allowed by quantum mechanics... Here we give the first device-independent protocol for randomness amplification using a constant number of devices. The protocol involves four devices, can amplify any non-deterministic source into a fully random source, tolerates a constant rate of error, and has its correctness based solely on the assumption of no-signaling between the devices. In contrast all previous protocols either required an unbounded number of devices, or could only amplify sources sufficiently close to fully random. read more

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Quantum Physics