Shape and Displacement Fluctuations in Soft Vesicles Filled by Active Particles

28 Sep 2016  ·  Paoluzzi Matteo, Di Leonardo Roberto, Marchetti M Cristina, Angelani Luca ·

We investigate numerically the dynamics of shape and displacement fluctuations of two-dimensional flexible vesicles filled with active particles. At low concentration most of the active particles accumulate at the boundary of the vesicle where positive particle number fluctuations are amplified by trapping, leading to the formation of pinched spots of high density, curvature and pressure... At high concentration the active particles cover the vesicle boundary almost uniformly, resulting in fairly homogeneous pressure and curvature, and nearly circular vesicle shape. The change between polarized and spherical shapes is driven by the number of active particles. The center-of-mass of the vesicle performs a persistent random walk with a long time diffusivity that is strongly enhanced for elongated active particles due to orientational correlations in their direction of propulsive motion. In our model shape-shifting induces directional sensing and the cell spontaneously migrate along the polarization direction. read more

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Statistical Mechanics Soft Condensed Matter