Shape isomers in Pt, Hg and Pb isotopes with N $\le$ 126

27 Jan 2020  ·  Pomorski Krzysztof, Nerlo-Pomorska Bozena, Dobrowolski Artur, Bartel Johann, Petrache Costel M. ·

Deformation-energy surfaces of 54 even-even isotopes of Pt, Hg and Pb nuclei with neutron numbers up to 126 are investigated within a macroscopic-microscopic model based on the Lublin-Strasbourg-Drop macroscopic energy and shell plus pairing-energy corrections obtained from a Yukawa-folded mean-field potential at the desired deformation. A new, rapidly converging Fourier shape parametrization is used to describe nuclear shapes... The stability of shape isomeric states with respect to non-axial and higher-order deformations is investigated. read more

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