Spin-exchange-induced exotic superfluids in a Bose-Fermi spinor mixture

17 Sep 2019  ·  Zhu Chuanzhou, Chen Li, Hu Hui, Liu Xia-Ji, Pu Han ·

We consider a mixture of spin-1/2 bosons and fermions, where only the bosons are subjected to the spin-orbit coupling induced by Raman beams. The fermions, although not directly coupled to the Raman lasers, acquire an effective spin-orbit coupling through the spin-exchange interaction between the two species... Our calculation shows that this is a promising way of obtaining spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas without Raman-induced heating, where the long-sought topological Fermi superfluids and topological bands can be realized. Conversely, we find that the presence of fermions not only provides a new way to create the supersolid stripe phase of the bosons, but more strikingly it can also greatly increase the spatial period of the bosonic density stripes, and hence makes this phase directly observable in the experiment. This system provides a new and practical platform to explore the physics of spin-orbit coupling, which possesses a dynamic nature through the interaction between the two species. read more

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