Strong Coupling of Collection of Emitters on Hyperbolic Meta-Material

28 Feb 2018  ·  Biehs Svend-Age, Xu Chenran, Agarwal Girish S. ·

Recently considerable effort is devoted to the realization of the strong coupling regime of the radiation matter interaction in the context of emitter at a meta surface. The strong interaction is well realized in cavity quantum electrodynamics which also shows that the strong coupling is much easier to realize using a collection of emitters... Keeping this in mind we study if emitters on a hyperbolic meta materials can yield strong coupling regime. We show that the strong coupling can be realized for densities of emitters exceeding a critical value. A way to detect the strong coupling between emitters and a hyperbolic metamaterials is to use the Kretschman-Raether configuration. The strong coupling appears as the splitting of the re ectivity dip. In the weak coupling regime the dip position shifts. The shift and splitting can be used to sense active molecules at surfaces. read more

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Quantum Physics Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Applied Physics