Study of boiling heat transfer on the wall with an improved hybrid lattice Boltzmann model

19 Dec 2018  ·  Hu Anjie, Liu Dong ·

In this paper, the energy non-conservation problem of the hybrid thermal LB phase change model is emphasized. To solve this problem, an infinite volume discrete scheme is introduced to deal with the diffusion term in the energy equation... After verified this model with energy conservation law in the simulation of the one-dimensional heat conduction across the liquid-vapor interface and the liquid film evaporation on the heating wall, the improved hybrid thermal LB model is then applied in the simulation of bubble nucleation and boiling heat transfer. With an innovative nucleation site treatment on the wall, the complete boiling stages as well as the boiling curve were successfully reproduced without adding any heating fluctuations. The bubble nucleation, growth, departure, and coalescence are well captured. Some basic features of boiling heat transfer including bubble nucleation site activation, bubble departure frequency, character of bubble shape at different regime, and horizontal movement of bubble during the boiling process were clearly observed in the numerical results. read more

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Fluid Dynamics